Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The nightmare continues

So, I entered a contest at CHUD.COM to
go to the premiere press screening of
Why? You ask? (I assume you care enough
to ask, you little devil.) Is because I love
terrible movies.

I am a glutton for punishment!

Have you ever seen my wardrobe!??!

Anyways, I caught wind of REPO, when
I heard the synopsis of the film dealt
with a futuristic society and repossession
of internal organs. I mean how can you
go bad with that?! It was also a hybrid of
Techno music and Opera, which almost
trumps my love of sitars and accordions!

Anyways, here's a trailer to the movie with
the maniacally cheesy synth-rock score.
My heart palpitated in leaps and bounds
when I heard it. I ... must ... see .... this.

Also for the fact it stars GILES from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I mean, come on, doesn't that make you want
to run AWAY froma movie theater.
I feel though, I must run towards it... to
bask in it's horrific glory.
(Yes, that was Paris Hilton somewhere in there.)
Now in defense of myself, I did say I love terrible movies,
I say that with an ASTERISK floating lazily to the side.
(Although ironically I used none at all!)

I will not support movies that are downright awful,
I saw two in a row this October, "Max Payne" and
"Saw 5". It was one-two punch that almost put me out of
commission, then I made up for it with "Let the right one in"
A Swedish film based on of of my all-time favorite novels,
that's been getting some considerate buzz as of late.
I liked the film, but the movie (as always) paled in comparison.
*Read the book!! (I used an asterisk there.)

So anyways, I find out a few minutes ago, I won the said
contest to go to the private screening of REPO, where's
the calamitous event here you ask? (and I guess you
still care!) Well, my other half of my vocal duo picked a week
in advanced for tomorrow to be the day we practice before
our big audition on Saturday for a new band.

Yes I sing, like a bird, if you will know.

So I'm biting my lip, because I'm wondering if I can juggle both,
This I doubt. I know there are much more concerning
dilemmas (like people trying to find a place to sleep and eat, etc)
Anyways, this will be my hell to deal with,
as distraction for bigger problems.

Also, I missed out going to a mustache-party today...
I grew this thing out for no reason!

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Karen said...

I think you are indeed a glutton for punishment if you like bad movies. :-) Haven't watched the trailers you linked to yet but I had to pause when you mentioned that Tony Head stars in this.