Thursday, June 25, 2009

finding work in the new age depression

So, scouring the internet for work is not only a massive effort of
placing correct "keywords" in search engines and hoping for
the best. The journey itself consisting of how many jobs out
there necessarily don't adhere to what you studied four years
in college for. While I do consider myself a Jack-off-all-trades
(yes I do note the second 'f')
I find it a complex nightmarish plunge into the unknown.
When 90% of the time you get work based on who you know
(and that's basically the template of my monetary gain for
some reason) I hardly know anyone anymore
because I do work so much.

Stuck as a corporate goon, not wanting to raise up
in one's position because time will be lost and there
will be no creative fulfillment is a hell i wouldn't
want to wish on anyone. So where do we go from here?
Daily visits to craigslist (and by daily I mean, by seconds
of each day) to scour work, that would be feasible as
compared to winning the lottery.

I scour the 'Arts and entertainment' as well as
the 'writing' positions, but in all honesty both are scarce.
The writing section you need to have a masters
in language, even though, clearly they can see that you
write well. It's not legitimate unless you
have that BFA in that field.

So on I search, banging my head against my keyboard.
Luckily enough, in times of desperation I've
begun to learn editing skills on my new Imac,
complete with Final cut pro. With that,
I have to purchase a new digital camera,
as well as new fire wires to complement the process
of new found skills. So there's that to look
forward to, but, the filming process
is a looming beast that's also problematic.

The main motivation right now is a mix
of two things, well, maybe three.
Justification for my BFA from Fashion Institute,
my artistic gratification, as well as my
unabashed desire and love for money.
I don't care, I like money, having money,
spending it and smoking cheap cigars and
acting obnoxious with my friends as we do it.
So I ask the many gods of this world to
set me on the right path so I can get back to
the fiendishly reaganesque levels of

But back to reality.

So where am I stuck looking? Well,
simply hired
myspace jobs

and those are the low rung of finding work in this world.

But as I build my pesky portfolio, that I have the worst
patience with. Books on Dreamweaver piled
upon my desk, I question myself, what am I
doing at this moment? Where have I gone wrong?
I realize, I was writing this post instead of
looking for new work.


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Ramon said...

oh man! How did I miss that?? Thats hilarious!