Monday, July 13, 2009

"Ask Will" episode 1


Ask Will is a short interview series, where I ask an
abundance of questions to a former co-worker Will.
I find him endlessly funny, and unabashedly unfiltered.
He will give his opinion, and not shy away from it.

EP 1: Pre-Obama election/current politics.

NOTE: All of the opinions heard and said in this
video are given by said main subject. I am not here
to objectify or slander anyone's beliefs,
be they political or religious. That being said, this
is a look at a young man's random thoughts about the
world we live in today.

I neither condone or object to one's beliefs, and allow
them to speak their mind. My opinions, unless asked will
be of my own, and not part of this video series.
I am merely interested in porviding the viewer with
compelling footage, and a look into the thought process
of individuals you may never have the chance to
converse with.


Karen said...

*cough* He sounds like a typical New Yorker.

And I would have voted for Hilary as well, though probably for different reasons. Heh.

alexmercado said...

haha i was afraid you'd watch this, lol. you're not a particular angry person right, i'm doing a short docu on people's problems in the world (in a humorous light though) you got an interview in you somewhere... i gotta find an angle.

Karen said...

Well, not angry so much that I would share my opinions to the world like that. If I get angry, I stew and then think of all the ways I can get my revenge (see how good Anya taught me back then!).